Weird errors with Drupal themes containing a node_modules folder

Nowadays frontend developers are totally into the whole compass, grunt, gulp, bower, etc.. thing to automate things as compiling SASS code into css, minimizing javascript, optimizing image sizes and so on.

These tools include using the node package manager, npm, to install a load of modules using a package.json file. These modules most of the time go inside a folder “node_modules” and “bower_components” inside the root folder of your Drupal theme. And that’s where stuff can go wrong.

The error

If you’ve seen this next error after running a drush cc all or flushing caches via your site, you’re probably having the problem I’m going to describe below:

WD menu: PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'title' cannot be null: INSERT INTO {menu_router} (path, load_functions, to_arg_functions, access_callback, [error], access_arguments, page_callback, page_arguments, delivery_callback, fit, number_parts, context, tab_parent, tab_root, title, title_callback, title_arguments, theme_callback, theme_arguments, type, description, position, weight, include_file) VALUES ...

This failing menu rebuild action will probably leave your site in a broken state where no menu callbacks work.

After that error message you probably get a var_dump of the router menu code, which is pretty much useless, except that it contains references to files like this:


The cause

See what’s going wrong there? There is a .info file being read by Drupal, thinking it’s a file for a Drupal module, while it actually is a npm module. For some npm modules this doesn’t cause any problems, but sometimes it does like in the example above and then you get vague errors like cache flushes failing and leaving your site in a broken state.

The solution

What’s the solution then? For now: remove the node_modules directory if you are not theming. At Nascom we automatically exclude this folder during builds (just like we exclude folders called .git and .sass-cache). There might be some proper way to tell Drupal 7 to ignore this folder, but I haven’t found it yet.

Edit: For Drupal 8.x there is already an issue to ignore those 2 directories.

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