Another year is almost gone.. this was my 2018

I haven’t posted a single blog post yet this year, so it’s time for a catch-up post. It’s not that 2018 was a boring year, I’ve just been too caught up into work and real life to take time to write some stuff down.


If you would ask me to summarize the year into one word, I would tell you “nginx”. Nginx has become our main tool at work to build our global load balancing service, where nginx takes on the role of CDN, edge load balancer (via an anycast setup), API gateway, reverse proxy and sidecar proxy for applications.

We used a combination of open source nginx and the licensed nginx-plus version (which has a ton more features than the open source one) to replace old, monolithic hardware load balancers with (mostly F5 BigIp’s) and it worked out great. With nginx we can now see load balancers as software solutions that run on everyday harware and perfectly scale out horizontally, and not as exotic hardware powerhouses that need specialised hardware (and support contracts) to keep running.

Expect a big blog post coming in 2019 where I go a bit more into depth about our setup, for now I’ll leave you hungry for the details.

Public Cloud

I’m still a big fan of AWS (I renewed my AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification), but I’ve not worked with it quite as much as I’d like. Google and Azure are still somewhere at the bottom of my todolist, I just haven’t had the time or a project to dig deeper into them.

The public cloud is an awesome tool for a lot of problems nowadays, but there are still a lot of cases when a public cloud is not the best solution. When it comes to my own experience:

Company values

Oh boy, have I learned a lot about what a big multinational company thinks about their values and how every employe has to make sure they live up to them.

My job is no longer about just coming up with the right technical solution, I also have to learn how to deal with all kinds of people on a daily basis, and get them to accept that my solution is also in their best interest.

It’s quite a challenge but I’d like to think I’ve gotten a lot better at it the past year.


Big Data, Machine Learning and A.I. have been important topics the past years, but in 2019 they will really explode in adaption by even non-tech companies. I will def. post some things about that the next year.


I still haven’t started with them I’m afraid, reading things at my own pace is still my preferred method of getting to know new things. I’ve also read more books (non-fiction) than any other year before.

Personal life

I stopped sharing personal things online, with the exception of maybe a few home network updates. Posting vague pictures with cheesy comments on Instagram for a hand full of close friends is as far as I’m willing to go nowadays.


Let me step aside from that previous paragraph already: In 2018 I started to play golf and I absolutely love it. It will be a long journey before I’m any good at it, but I’m convinced it’s going to be fun and worth the frustrations I’m going through right now.

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