I don't understand medium.com

For the past few months I’ve been a member of Medium, a short while as a paying member, but most of the time as a free member.

I started out with the feeling that there was a lot of good content on the platform, with a very accurate daily digest in my mailbox. I even considered moving my blog there, since it’s easier to get noticed when your articles become a part of the bigger system.

But as weeks went by it became pretty obvious to me that a lot of the articles written there are mainly written with the aim of getting a lot of views, and not about providing good information. Click bait titles, just writing exact the same things as other popular articles, simply quoting from software manuals. Not to mention all the fanboy and hater one-sized views about technology (in my case all the articles about loving terrafrom and hating cloudformation, while the writer has never even used cloudformation in a serious setup).

I’ll stick with writing my articles on my self-hosted blog (except the Disqus comments) and let the search engines of The Internet handle the discovery of them.

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