A new year, a new set of (old) skills

It’s been a nice Christmas vacation for me with almost 10 days of relaxing and sauna at the countryhouse. I’ve spent some time in my woodworking shop, started reading Ready Player Two and committed myself to learning more about Python 3, tmux, WireGuard and vim (I know right…).

Vim and tmux have been tools that I never really took the time to master, but I have to say that the payoff is really worth it. I have my configs pushed as a private gist on GitHub and all my Windows, Mac and Linux computers pull it from there so I have a uniform setup no matter where I am working. It might take me while to really leave iTerm 2 on Mac though.

WireGuard has been on my todolist for a year now. It took me a few hours to redo my OpenVPN setup on EdgeRouters, but now I have a setup that has a very simple config and performs 5x faster than the old OpenVPN setup. Really nice to see that scp and rsync job finally going over 10MBit/sec over 4G.

I would have made more effort with Python 3 if they hadn’t been backporting things to Python 2 all the time. Next up is an advanced python course targetted at (big) data processing.

That’s all.

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