About me

Contact me: mail@karelbemelmans.com


Hi there. My name is Karel Bemelmans and I’m a 39 year old software developer from Belgium, currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’ve been working with all kinds of Internet-related technologies for almost 20 year now, so I thought I would be time to share some of my experiences in a blog. I’m a big fan of all cloud-technologies, mainly AWS and GCE, so you will see lots of blog posts about those.

I used to run my own hosting company called Narfum IT Services, where I offered shared hosting and VPS hosting and did small development and consulting projects. I ended the business in December 2015 to be able to have a full focus on my new job and life in Stockholm.

In my free time I spend a fair amount of time in CrossFit gyms, doing powerlifting, olympic weightlifting and strongman training. I currently train at SATS and Sweden Barbell Club.

Olympic weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting consists of training to perform your best at two ways to get a heavy barbell above your head: Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Below is a picture of me performing a Clean & Jerk at CrossFit Hasselt in January 2015.

Clean and Jerk


In a powerlifting competition you have to perform 3 lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. This picture below is from a deadlift at a competition at CrossFit Leuven on 27 september 2015.

200kg deadlift at the Flemish Championship, 27 September 2015


In strongman competitions you basically have to pickup and/or carry heavy weights for a distance as fast as you can. The video below is an example of an atlas stone-to-shoulder exercise. This video is with an 85kg stone.

Highland Games

Every now and then I also participate in so-called Highland Games. These are strongman type of games where you work as a team together to out muscle other teams. Below is a picture of our team at the Betekom Highland Games in May 2015, where we took first place as a team and I took second place as an individual.

Thug of War