About me

Contact me: mail@karelbemelmans.com


Hi there. My name is Karel Bemelmans and I’m a 39 year old software developer from Belgium. I’m currently working in Stockholm as an Application Engineer, mainly working with Amazon Web Services.

I’ve been working with websites and server setups for almost 20 year now, so I thought I would be time to share some of my experiences in a blog.

I used to run my own hosting company called Narfum IT Services, where I offered shared hosting and VPS hosting and did small development and consulting projects. I ended the business in December 2015 to be able to have a full focus on my new job and life in Stockholm.

In my free time I spend a fair amount of time in CrossFit gyms, doing powerlifting, olympic weightlifting and strongman training. I currently train at SATS and Sweden Barbell Club.

Olympic weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting consists of training to perform your best at two ways to get a heavy barbell above your head: Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Below is a picture of me performing a Clean & Jerk at CrossFit Hasselt in January 2015.

Clean and Jerk


In a powerlifting competition you have to perform 3 lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. This picture below is from a deadlift at a competition at CrossFit Leuven on 27 september 2015.

200kg deadlift at the Flemish Championship, 27 September 2015


In strongman competitions you basically have to pickup and/or carry heavy weights for a distance as fast as you can. The video below is an example of an atlas stone-to-shoulder exercise. This video is with an 85kg stone.

Highland Games

Every now and then I also participate in so-called Highland Games. These are strongman type of games where you work as a team together to out muscle other teams. Below is a picture of our team at the Betekom Highland Games in May 2015, where we took first place as a team and I took second place as an individual.

Thug of War